We connect advertisers with their ideal customers

by providing welcome interruptions

at exactly the right time and in exactly the right place.

We are a technology company that provides a real-time mobile marketing platform (not simply based on geo-fencing) for developers to integrate into existing apps so as to engage customers when it matters most, right now!
wi also allows integration with enterprise applications (such as CRM, loyalty and POS) to incorporate additional consumer market data.
Our inspiration began from films such as Blade Runner (based on the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep) and The Minority Report depicting relevant, specific and location based content.  Our vision is to provide information that consumers embrace as a ‘welcome interruption’ and change the face of digital advertising forever by giving advertisers a platform that integrates with their current eco-system allowing them to engage their community in real-time.  
A privately held software technology company founded in Melbourne, Australia, the founders have always had a passion for technology innovation and working with creative, innovative and capable individuals and organisations. Their goal is to make it simple for advertisers to reach their own audience directly and leverage and monetize their digital reach by making content delivered to consumers timely and relevant eliminating annoying spam and making all customer engagements a welcome interruption. 

Our team